Buddleford Biogas


Two mixers had failed resulting in a loss of mixing and consequent lack of gas production, necessitating immediate replacements to maintain tank agitation and uphold performance standards.

Additionally, our clients insurance company had requested several site upgrades and reports to qualify for reduced premiums.


We provided the plant a detailed project plan, which covered all aspects of the work scope, providing an operational solution for the ineffective mixing system. Replacing two agitators with new, under confined space regulation.

A solution to integrate smoke and flame detectors and leak detection sensor in the control room in aid of upgrading the plants critical safety systems, integrating the components to operate autonomously with the plants existing PLC.

We then planned a full electrical condition report and thermographic analysis of the control panels to be carried out on the plants electrical panels and electrical assets.

Given the distance of the customers site, we meticulously planned all aspects of the project to ensure we completed all the tasks in a single visit.  Sourcing all the parts and resource required to seamlessly carry out the project in an efficient manner.

The meticulous electrical and thermographic examinations are essential, not only for ensuring plant safety against electrical hazards and potential fire risks but also as per the requirements of our client's insurance company.

Utilising cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, we adopt a proactive approach to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into critical hazards. By empowering our clients to tackle problems at their inception, we minimize the risk of costly breakdowns or failures that hold the potential to cause catastrophic loss.


Circular Renewables are always our first port of call as we know what we are getting.  They are safe, sign off everything that needs signing off, get the job done and we know if something unplanned occurs, then they will be able to sort it, we trust them and that’s the main thing.  We thought we had an issue with the mixer post project, while it turned out to be unrelated, they returned to site, investigated, diagnosed and resolved the problem.


  • 2 mixer replacements
  • Electrical condition and installation report
  • Installation of leak detection sensor
  • Industrial Thermographic report
  • Installation of smoke and fire detector
  • Sourcing of materials, parts and resources

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