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Customer found a tear in the gas membrane, if left environmental compliance issues regarding emissions and odours, along with a negative impact on gas storage and plant performance.  As this was an urgent issue they needed someone who they knew had done this type of work before under live conditions meaning digestate level in the tank was to be maintained at standard operating levels throughout.


Complete overhaul of the digester roof structure, including supplying and installing of an all new double membrane and desulphurisation net which will add a system to reduce any H2S spikes during operation. 

The works were carried out using a combination of breathing apparatus, lifting equipment and fall prevention equipment, all supplied, and project managed by us throughout the project, meeting high risk confined space and working at height protocols.


Got on and did the job, weather was awful, literally the worse conditions you could have for and they still finished a day earlier than planned, could of got the job done even quicker but was cautious of the weather and wanted to carry out the job safely.


  • Develop project plan with all project and safety documentation
  • Supply double membrane and desulphurisation net
  • Isolation of digester double membrane
  • Remove damaged double membrane
  • Installation of desulphurisation net
  • Installation of double membrane system
  • Start up and re-commissioning support

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