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The Problem

Customer wanted to optimise their storage capacity in preparation for the closed spreading season. Original pipework on the inside of the tank was deteriorating which was sucking in air, also 2 metres of material needing disposing from the bottom of the tank.

The Solution

To Drain and then degrit the tank utilising clamshell and materials handler, followed by a complete inlet and outlet pipework replacement, using high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipework, providing longevity against corrosion, and aggregate wear. On inspection of the interior walls found that they had suffered degradation as a result of exposure to hydrogen and biogenic sulphuric acid. Specialist lining and coating company to be contracted and managed, to resurface the tank, and apply a new protective lining to the tank using Remmers Epoxy Universal offering the customer a guarantee that’ll outlast the plants lifecycle.

All in all, providing the customer with a complete overhauled end storage tank, obtaining an additional 2000 square cube of storage, new pipework for digestate removal, and a resurfaced and coated tank providing tank longevity and peace of mind.

Customer Comments

The job got massively bigger when we saw that the walls had deteriorated and needed to be redone, great thing about Circular is, once identified, we contacted Circular the day before asking if they could sort the walls out and the answer was yes. Circular had the contacts and could rejig the work around to sort the whole project which was fantastic.

Works Carried Out

  • Degrit works
  • Replacement pipework upgrade
  • Tank lining
  • Plant infrastructure guarantee

Customer's View

There is always something you didn’t expect when starting a project, with Circular Renewables no matter what the problem they can either find the parts needed, the specialist firm needed or just get stuff working again, we know that when Circular guys are on site it’ll get fixed.

Mark Voss, Operations Director, Ixora Energy Ltd

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