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Customer needed emergency support due to power cut on site, resulting in the roof being blown off in a harsh storm. Therefore the plant was unable to store gas to be consumed by the CHP to generate power. The roof had tangled around an agitator on the digester, unable to identify whether the membranes had been damaged from the storm.


Circular Renewables was able to respond rapidly within 5 hours of notification, resources and project plan was quickly put together, with associated risk assessments and method statements.  The roof membranes were untangled from the mixer and assessed for damage. Though a replacement double membrane had been held for production if required, post damage assessment, the roof membrane was confirmed fit for installation. The roof membranes were reinstalled to the digester, with pneumatic clamping hose resealed in the clamping rail. Identifying a small leak from the pneumatic clamping hose joining tails. The route cause for the loss of membranes had been found, and repaired. The Plant had been restored, and full production was met in just 3 days, due to our quick reaction, planning and network of resource, the client suffered minimal downtime. Avoiding catastrophic loss of revenue.


Very efficient project all the way through, job started on the Monday and was back up and running by the Wednesday, Circular Renewables already had another roof lined up should we need it, couldn’t ask for anything more than that. The plant was soon back at full production. Quality service from start to finish.


  • Development of a rectification plan and associated project documentation along with relevant pipework safety documentation
  • Untangle roof membranes and assess for damage
  • Reinstatement of the b io-dome
  • Start up and re-commissioning support


Excellent service.  The project was completed in record time, due to the organisation, reactive services and overall preparation, Circular were able to pull all the strings to get us back online generating at full production in only 3 days. Couldn’t fault their service.

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