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Gas detected between the weather membrane and the gas membrane, suspected tear in the gas membrane. If left, environmental compliance issues in regards to emissions and odours, along a negative impact on plant performance, and gas storage. Introducing atmospheric air into the gas would affect the gas composition, affecting valuable consumer units on site, inevitably increasing CHP and alternator damage. The introduction of uncontrolled air would also increasing the risk of an explosive gas composition, with a high uncontrolled risk for the owner. 


Overhaul of the digester roof structure, including supply and installing of an all-new roof support structure, including straps, desulphurisation net, and double membrane gas holding system. 

The customer also asked for assistance in removing and replacing a free issue paul michl agitator.

This project was to be carried out under live conditions, i.e. the digestate level in the tank was to maintained at standard operating levels throughout. Though minimising introduced feedstocks to minimise gas production.

The works were carried out under confined space and working at height, using a combination of breathing apparatus, lifting equipment, mobile cranes and fall prevention equipment throughout the works.


Very good and easy company to work with.  Quoted for 5 days but was completed in 4, also helped with two other jobs whilst on site.  I would use them again.


  • Development of project plan and associated project and safety documentation
  • Supply of complete roof support structure, double gas membrane and desulphurisation net
  • Peel back of the roof
  • Removal and replacement of long arm agitator 
  • Start up and re-commissioning support

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